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BodyshopAccident Repair Centre, Penarth, South Glamorgan

Bodyshop, South Glamorgan


Ford is continually committed to ever-increasing technological development og their vehicles, giving enhanced performance, efficiency and safety. There advanced levels of technology mean it's becoming increasingly important for Ford Vehicles to be repaired by people with special knowledge.

Ford has a nationwide specialist network of Ford Accident Repair Centres ready to take care of things. If your Ford or a Ford vehicle in your fleet is involved in a collision, then your Ford Accident Repair Centre is best placed to carry out the repair and get you quickly and safely back on the road.


Your Ford Accident Repair Centre has the experience, knowledge and essential expertise to fully meet your repair requirements. With advanced technology in Ford vehicles, you can rest assured that Ford Accident Repair Centres have the correct equipment and specialised skills to carry out even the most complex of repairs.

All Ford Accident Repair Centres must adhere to Fords latest standards:

  • They have online access to Ford's integrated Diagnostic System (IDS), delivering increased diagnostic speed and accuracy
  • Technicians are trained by Ford to ensure that they possess the specialist knowledge for repairing modern Ford vehicles
  • Ford will endevour to fit genuine Ford parts where possible. However, if your insurer wishes to repair your vehicle using non genuine parts, we recommend that you ask for evidence that they are of equivalent quality to genuine Ford parts. This is to ensure your safety, along with protecting your vehicles value.


  • You have the right to choose where your vehicle repairs are carried out, even if your insurer operates an approved repairer scheme. These repairers may not have the skills and equipment a Ford Accident Repair Centre can guarantee
  • Even if the vehicle can be driven following an accident, it may not be legally roadworthy. A Ford Accident Repair Centre can provide you with all the expert advice you need
  • Should you need help with your insurance claim, a member of staff at your Ford Accident Repair Centre will be only too happy to help.

Ford Accident Repair Centres are truly the best place to return vehicle to their pre-accident condition.


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